Beegreen Westport

The Acana Carpet, Fabric Moth Killer is specifically designed for use on carpets, rugs, curtains, throws, cushions, drapes, and upholstery. Acana Carpet, Fabric Moth Killer provides fast and effective protection by killing moths, eggs and larvae in just 15 minutes. The easy to apply spray also provides a light fresh and clean lavender fragrance. This product will not stain. 

Usage Instructions: 1. Open safety nozzle by twisting to "on" 2. Prime pump by pulling trigger 2 or 3 times. Always test on inconspicuous area first. 3. Spray downwards uniformly onto carpet or fabric to be treated (from around 50cm away) and leave to dry for approx 30 minutes - before use. Air as required. 4. Always close safety nozzle by twisting to "off" when not in use. 

It is recommended that after the first application, it is repeated within 30 days. Thereafter repeat every 3 months for complete peace of mind.