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Benefits to your Health

Benefits to your health

Bee Green at Briarhill Shopping Centre (next door to KFC) is the first professional garment cleaner in Ireland to offer a revolutionary, safe, environmentally friendly, option for cleaning clothes. The 100 per cent non-toxic cleaning service ensures that your clothes are safely and thoroughly cleaned. Bee Green only uses detergents that are fully bio-degradable, making them good for you, your clothes, the environment, and future generations. And of course the most important point is that it is no more expensive in fact when you take into account the broader benefits for your safety, it is a positive saving for all.

As our service is so environmentally friendly, and as people are making conscious decisions not to use harmful chemicals, we did extensive research across Europe and America in search of a better and less harmful process than dry cleaners are currently using, said Paul Langan of Bee Green. During our research we accidentally happened to be watching The Early Show on CBS News in 2007. We were shocked to learn of some of the dangers associated with dry cleaning solvents such as perchloroethylene (PERC), etc, and the fact that several American states had banned its use. This made us think even harder and led us to do much research to find a safe and a more positive solution. I am glad to say that we found it and that we can stand proudly on our Bee Green mission statement our detergents are safe for you, safe for your clothes, and safe for the environment. Bee Green has four branches, located in Briarhill Shopping Centre in Galway, and Westport, Castlebar, Belmullet in Co Mayo. For further details on this service contact the Bee Green head office at (098) 56050.