Beegreen Westport

Benefits to your Garments

Wet Cleaning is a water based, non-toxic, energy efficient technology that uses computer controlled washers and dryers and high tech finishing equipment to clean garments that are normally dry cleaned.

Using specially formulated biodegradable detergrents, clothing is cleaned in washers that limit water absorption and monitor both agitation and temperature. After being totally dried, garments are formed on specialized equipment and custom hand finish.

Inlike dry cleaners that use toxic solvents - we clean your fine fabrics in fresh water with non polluting detergents. The result is clean, fresh smelling clothes that are soft to the touch and kind to sensitive skin. All garments labelled as "Dry Clean Only" can be effectively cleaned using our wet cleaning system. So whether you have Cashmere or Cotton, Angora or Armani - you can trust us to bring out the best in your fine clothes.

Which cleaner is best for your clothes?

Dry Cleaning Wet Cleaning
Uses toxic solvents Uses non toxic detergents
Clothes have a chemical smell Clothes smell fresh
Perchoroethylene can cause rashes Detergents wont irritate skin
70% of Perc winds up in air and water Environmentally safe