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Benefits to the Environment

Benefits to the environment

Most garments labeled dry clean only can be cleaned with water through a process called wet-cleaning. This is a time-intensive process that takes some skill and special equipment. The trick to professional wet cleaning is the computerized operations that allow for precise control when cleaning garments.

The EPA considers it one of the safest professional cleaning methods; its benefits include no hazardous chemical use, no hazardous waste generation, no air pollution and reduced potential for water and soil contamination. In terms of its impact on water and energy consumption, a comprehensive study by UCLA found that wet cleaning has only a minor impact on water use and that it uses slightly less electricity.

Through research we discovered the dangers of the toxic chemical used in traditional drycleaners. The toxic chemical used is "perc" and has serious consequences to both the people working with it and the wearing it in the finished garments. It also has a detrimental effect on our environment, even living close to a traditional drycleaners is not to be recommended.