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PERC. What is it?

What exactly is Perchloroethylene, also known as PERC or PCE?

Have you ever wondered what the dry-cleaning solution is made of? Of course, at this point we’ve all heard it’s toxic and is harmful for us but why is that and in that case why is it still so widely used to professionally clean clothing? Surely ‘in this day and age’, where all aspects of our daily lives are revolutionised, an ingredient such as this wouldn’t be used anymore?

France, the United states and Denmark have made waves by enforcing laws that ban the use of Perchloroethylene to clean the publics clothing but so many other countries like Ireland have not.

The PERC solution is clear, non-flammable yet a volatile organic compound. The chemical itself has been manufactured for dry cleaning purposes but it’s also used to make other chemicals such as things like rubber coatings, insulating fluid, cooling gas, and as an agent to resize textiles. It’s strange to think the same ingredient would be used for such different purposes.

There are a few products that contain PERC as an ingredient. Some aerosol products, soaps, ink for printers, paint removers and even shoe polish along with many more. It’s funny to think it also makes for an ingredient when cleaning fine delicate clothing like that precious bridal gown or favourite silk blouse.

Either way it’s important to be educated about these things! For a chemical free and non-toxic solution visit and remember it costs no more to BeeGreen.

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