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Wet Cleaning is environmentally friendly

Professional wet cleaning is the safest professional method of garment cleaning according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Why is this?

Well it starts with how wet cleaners don't use harsh hazardous chemicals. This is not only a benefit to the environment but to customers and those who work for these establishments. Wet cleaners use speciality washing machines to control the levels of detergent. Staff are highly trained to use fantastic computer- controlled equipment, controlling rotation frequency and temperatures. Although whites and darks are separated, smaller machines are available to accommodate and ensure water and soaps are not wasted.

The benefits to the environment are of great importance to wet cleaners and efficiency plays a role in achieving this.

However, it isn't the use of water that makes wet cleaning environmentally friendly but the fact that zero chemicals are used and therefore exposed to the environment. As there is no use of chemicals, no PERC will be exposed to the surrounding area subsequently generating harmful waste. That means no air pollution, and the potential for soil and water contamination is reduced.

The detergent used by professional wet cleaners contains no chemicals and are milder than products used at home. It's a great comfort to those washing the clothes and for those handling the clothes thereafter, knowing they are free from any potential toxicity. Customers feel safe in the knowledge that their clothes are fully cleaned and in gentile solvent, safe for all the family.

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