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The Many Benefits of Beeing Green

Many people don't know the many benefits that wet cleaning has to offer, probably because generally people don't fully understand exactly what wet cleaning is. Wet cleaning involves cleaning garments in water with non - toxic detergents unlike the well known traditional method of dry cleaning which includes cleaning garments in a chemical solution known as PERC.

The biggest advantage to having your garments professionally "wet" cleaned is that they're washed in a chemical free solution that is safe for you, the people who work in the wet cleaners, and the environment - it doesn't contaminate the water, air or soil!

Wet cleaning will leave your clothes smelling as fresh as a daisy, without that chemical smell that is a trademark of the dry-cleaning method. Simply unwrapping the clothes from the accompanying package releases toxic chemicals into the surrounding air. Clothes can also lose their true colours and fade due to these harsh chemicals (that colourful summer dress you have would become dull. But this is not the case with wet cleaning). The same can be said for your whites, wet cleaning will maintain the super bright white that they deserve to be. They definitely won't develop that yellow tint commonplace when using chemicals.

The wet cleaning process doesn't damage the garments due to the bio - degradable solutions used in the process. Clothing will maintain its shape, integrity and simply last longer using the eco - friendly wet cleaning method. Beegreen works with multiple suit hire businesses throughout the West of Ireland, ensuring their customers hold on to those treasured suits for longer.

Lastly for especially delicate and intricate items such as a wedding dress, they will get washed in a separate machine with super effective but sensitive non-toxic detergents to guarantee that your precious items stay in mint condition. BeeGreen pride themselves on being able to cater for a vast array of items, with a selection of machines to suit, varying in size and purpose. This ensures that your wedding dress returns home with each bead in place!!

During the wet cleaning process, each new load of garments will get fresh water and eco - friendly detergent. Due to the expense involved with PERC, this chemical solution tends to be re-used multiple times. Wet cleaning will ensure your clothes are expertly cleaned ... not simply to the naked eye.

Wet cleaning has all these benefits for you, your garments and the environment, and the best part is it costs no more to BeeGreen - it's a win-win situation for everyone! Why not check out one of our five locations throughout Mayo and Galway today!

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