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Join the Revolution to BeeGreen

Did you know that we are the only professional garment cleaners in Ireland to offer a revolutionary, safe, environmentally friendly option for cleaning clothes?

People are becoming increasingly aware of their eco - footprint and exactly how their day to day activities are affecting the world we live in. Recycling used to be a trend that only a small number of people committed to because people were not conscious of the damage their waste was impacting on the earth. But now it is common place to reduce, reuse and recycle!

The same can’t be said for dry cleaning, there are many dangers surrounding this practice, that most people are completely unaware off. For example, the chemical solvent that is widely used in this process called perchloroethylene (PERC) has been classed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a carcinogen, (cancer causing substance) which has to be handled and disposed of as a hazardous waste. This makes the simple act of getting that dress or suit dry cleaned a lot more hazardous than one might think. Not simply to the individuals but also to the environment.

Unbelievably dry cleaning continues to be the mainstream method of professional garment cleaning used in Ireland. It’s quite the opposite for the rest of the world. Globally informed consumers are pushing for change in the dry cleaning industry. California has recently introduced legislation aimed to discontinue the use of PERC from the dry cleaning industry by 2023...even going so far as to offering grant money to cleaners that switch from PERC to wet cleaning.

BeeGreen are the only professional garment cleaners in Ireland to use this revolutionary wet cleaning process instead of the traditional dry cleaning process. Wet cleaning is 100% non - toxic, all the products used in the process are fully bio - degradable and it produces no hazardous waste products. It is also just as effective in cleaning garments and removing stubborn stains as dry cleaning and your clothes smell as fresh as a daisy! The best part is Beegreen can offer you all of these fantastic benefits, for you, your garments and the environment at absolutely no extra cost.

It costs no more to BeeGreen. Get on board with this wonderfully innovative and safe way of cleaning! The change is happening! Join the revolution and make wet cleaning the new norm in Ireland.

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